How long does the withdrawal




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    A Day to process a withdrawal ??

    Wow.. like being back in the dark ages of tin baths and washboards

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    this not good. very fast to deposit but withdrawal take long time. very disappointing.. i need to transfer all my fund. if the system is like a HELL...

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    aidrop free


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    Krishna mehta

    Widraw is taking to much time...pls make it fast like binance and other exchanges

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    Very Disappointing thing
    i Hope you Update system to make withdrawal quickly like Deposit to make your Exchange better and attract more traders to register IDAX

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    Guys I sent crypto and it's still pending after 400 confirmations what's going on

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    No he podido hacer la verificacion de mi numero de telefono, tampoco me acepta los diferentes codigos que he tratado de usar con el authenticador de Google. Necesito ayuda con eso.

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    Seyed Omid Seyed Ahmadinejad

    A whole Day for withdrawal? Extremely Disappointing !!!

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    Matija Spasovic

    Well... this is the last time i use this exchange

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    I wanted to trade in your exchange. but there is a very slow procedure on withdraw the coins. 1 day to approve the withdrawal request is too slow! very too slow!!!!
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    Dan Post

    If I want to sell/transfer say 500 BTC to coinbase how do I go about requesting a higher limit to do so. Example right now my limit is 100 BTC a day.


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    Cassidy Keyser

    24 hours to withdraw? This is pathetic. Won't use this exchange EVER again.

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    Artsiom Yabkevich

    Manual approval? You gotta be kidding


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    Update it to be like Top 10 exchanges 

    Make it instant


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    Uwe Martens

    I made a withdraw from the IDAX-exchange, but for long time there stands "Waiting for the approval." I didn't get any conformation mail. In the FAQ stands "We need to manually confirm to withdraw coin(s), thus it would take 1 week day for the confirmation, it will delayed on a weekend and any other holidays"! After reporting this in the Telegram channel I got messages from fake-accounts trying to look like admins, I would have to pay 0.1 ETH for unlocking my account, also BTC would be possible, other users would have to pay 0.5 ETH for it. After I showed him up he deleted the relevant message with his BTC-address before I could make a screenshot of it, and blocked me. Even if this fake accounts aren't from the IDAX-exchange: IDAX has absolutely no right to block the people’s coins! And they will be responsible for all losses resulting from blocking the assets! The world has to be warned about this kind of criminal activities! Be aware of!!

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    Trần Khiêm

    This is a backward step in the age of blockchain. Why not separate small balance which is automatically instant withdrawal and big balance with manually confirm.

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    Dinuz Nidid

    It's very bad 😭😭😭

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    This is poor setup for ID verification and manual withdrawal?  what year is this?  everything should be automatic and verified by google 2fa and email.  that is it.  how simple could it be?  sad.. your website is always timing out on assets page too.  

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    Exchange seems to be reasonable but this much of withdrawal time is the biggest flaw of your exchange, ask your self if you would yourself like to deposit in an exchange which takes more than one day for withdrawal. if you want to survive this market speed up your processing.

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    Matthew Hyde

    SO this all might be old news....
    I just executed a withdraw....took like 12 minutes and it showed up in my mm - all 30 confirms.  

    So i think idax has changed that or they have gotten much faster....or perhaps i was just lucky.  but it was in my eth account in like less than 12 minutes

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    Michael Battershill

    Im still waiting for my withdraw confirmation email, after reading all the complaints. I will not be using this exchange again and will be warning all my Crypto mates to stay away from this exchange aswell.. An exchange that takes your deposits instantly ok, but the withdraw process takes a(one) day or more is extremely scammy.. Very doge... This exchange is for cavemen...

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    IDAX help me !!! My withdraw was "completed", but without TxId, and my money just lost!!! please give me back my omiseGo , its my last money!!! . I hope on your competence!

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    grant m

    So.... the largest exchanges dont make you summit photos of your face and ID's .......

    Really pissed right now that there isnt a disclaimer when depositing ANYTHING telling people this.

    I do not want to submit my information to an exchange I do not use only purpose for signing up was to sell a coin that has no volume on other exchanges..

    another thing the stupid popup when going to withdraw says its "recommended that we verify IDs" ok if a recommended thing then why isnt there a way around it?

    please fix your broke ass system

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    Del Drew

    Idax is a useless exchange. Bordering on criminal activity. Deposits disappear, can't withdraw if they are credited. No warning of need for KYC until they have your money. 

    Support is non-existent. No internal ticket system. Telegram group is mostly scammers trying to steal. Never use this crappy exchange again 

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